Thursday, December 25, 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nurse Fizzy, Reporting for Duty!!

So many sick people in my house, pals!!!  Daddy woke up on Friday really sick with a cough and a sore throat, so he stayed home from school and I took care of him.  Then Momma woke up this morning really sick to her tummy, and she's had the urka gurkas all day!  Daddy was too sick to go get her stuff to make her tummy feel better, so she drove herself and said she almost urka gurkaed in the store.  Momma says I've been the best nurse all day  I've been following her around, laying in her lap when she's in bed, and giving her gentle kisses every now and then.  She's feeling a little bit better now, that's how good of a nurse I am!

(Are you watching, Ho Ho?!?!  I'm a good boy!!!!!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Something's Happening!!

Something big is happening tomorrow, pals!  Momma says it's Thanksgiving, and there's bunches of people coming over to my house!  Momma and Daddy have been crazy busy, cooking all kinds of yummy foods, and cleaning everything in sight!  Daddy brought out two different sucky machines.  I HATE the sucky machines, but Momma says we gotta be clean!

Momma's sitting down now, getting ready to watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving on the TV box.  She said it's her favorite out of all the Charlie Brown shows.  I'm gonna curl up on her lap and watch with her.

Happy Thanksgiving, pals!  I'm thankful for each and every one of you!

Friday, October 31, 2014

So Embarrassing!

Momma thinks she's hilarious, pals.  She says I'm the worst on Halloween cause I bark like a nutball.

This is me, barking my head off.  Momma says there was no one even out there yet, but I knew they were coming!!

Then Daddy had a great idea.  Well, HE thought it was great.  He got my hot dog costume out and made me wear it!!  And guess what?  I STOPPED BARKING!

Hmph.  Not funny, guys.  Not funny at all.

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween, pals!  The tricks and treats have already started here, and I'm barking like a mad puppy already BOL!  Daddy keeps yelling at me, but I can't help myself!

Momma didn't make me dress up this year, so she's gonna post some pictures of my old costumes!

This was my very first costume!  May the Fizz be with you!
I don't like things on my head, so I wouldn't look at Momma.  She said I'm her little devil.
One year I was a pirate!  Arrrrrgh mateys!
And then there was the year I was a hot dog.
A very ANGRY hot dog.
Help!  A shark is trying to eat me!!
I sure like seeing my pals in their costumes, too!  So if you have pictures, lemmee see em!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Attack of the Killer Birds!!!

You're never going to believe what just happened, pals!!  A BIRD flew in through the front door and was flying around my house!!!!  Momma was SCREAMING and Daddy was SHOUTING and I was BARKING!  Momma said it was mad chaos up in here!  BOL!!

Weird things happen all the time with wild animals around here.  Momma says it's like National Geographic.  Or the animals must think she's Snow White.

A few years ago, Momma was upstairs in her craft room making some sort of crafty fun time project.  Keep in mind, pals, when I say upstairs, I mean the second floor of our house.  She heard a scratching sound and something moved, so she looked out the window and saw THIS!

Do you SEE that?!?!  That's a SQUIRREL!!  Outside the window on the second floor!!!  He was scratching at the window trying to get in!

Momma knocked on the window to shoo it away, and he showed her his butt.  Cheeky little guy, no?
I was barking and barking and barking and she was screaming and screaming and screaming.  He ran away, but we have NO idea how he got up there!!!

This summer, Momma had LOTS of trouble with rabbits.  She calls them a bad word that I'm not allowed to repeat, but she says I can tell you that it's a naughty word for your bumhole.

First they chewed through her fencing that's supposed to keep them out.  Oh the SWEARS, pals...makes a pup blush!

Then one day, Momma had the garage door open and a baby bunny tried to move in!

He tried to move in behind some dirt and planters.  Momma tried to shoo him away, and he ran into the back of the garage and settled in by our Christmas tree!!  Momma never found him, but she left the door open for a few hours, so he must have decided the rent was too high and moved out. 
And THEN, last winter, this weird looking bird was living in our awning in the front of our house!  he would dive at Momma and Daddy's heads when they tried to leave the house.  Momma tried to shoo him away, but he musta liked our house cause he kept coming back.

Momma posted this picture on the Book of Faces, and she says people thought it was a ferret or a badger.  She says the conversation that came with this picture was one of the funniest things she's ever read!

Here's a better picture.  See?  Just a bird!
Momma insists that she isn't Snow White, and she doesn't want all these wild animals in her house.  Never a dull moment around here, pals!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sorry, Pals!

Zoe reminded me that I haven't given any Pap pap updates, pals.  I sure am sorry.  Momma says the first week of school with the kids is always crazy, and then she was over at Grammy and Pap Pap's house a lot last week, too!

Anyhow, Pap Pap is at home now.  The doctor says he's doing really well, even though Pap Pap has been super grumpy.  Momma says he's a crabby patty cause he can't eat a lot of salt.  Or cholesterol. Or carbs.  He has to eat like a rabbit and he doesn't like it!  BOL!  Momma keeps telling Grammy that he'll adapt, but Grammy says he's really getting on her nerves.  So that's why Momma keeps going over to their house.  She doesn't want them to kill each other BOL!!

Momma's kids are really awesome this year, and she's already in the kitchen making weird goopy smelly things for the kids to play with.  I'm trying to keep an eye on her, pals, but YOU know what she's like.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sniff Sniff...

Momma and Daddy go back to work FOREVER tomorrow, pals!!!  *sniff*  I don't like this time of year.  I love having Momma and Daddy home with me.  *sniff*  Don't leave me Momma!!!!  *sniff*

In other news, Pap Pap is still in the hospital.  He was supposed to come home today, but his heart still isn't working all the way yet, so they want to put this vest thing on him that will make his heart work if it stops.  It's called a fibrillation something something something...(sorry, pups, Momma's not so good with the medical stuff BOL!)  Anyhow, eventually they'll put one under his skin, but since he just had major surgery they can't do it yet.  So they have to wait until tomorrow to get the vest thing, and maybe THEN he can come home!

And if all this news wasn't bad enough, Momma got out the VACUUM yesterday!  And then, it wasn't working right, so she had to use the hose thing to suck up stuff, and it was on FOREVER.  AND EVER.

I am not having a very good weekend, pals.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tee Hee!

Wonderful news, pals!  Momma went to see Pap Pap in the hospital today, and she said he looks really really good, considering he just had his heart all fixed up!  Pap Pap said he's really sore (well...that's not how he put it, but Momma says this is a family friendly blog, so we'll keep it G rated BOL) and that it hurts to talk and breathe, but he looked really good and he was sitting up in a chair and everything!  For hours!  Hooray!

In other news, Momma knows most of you pups aren't on the Book of Faces.  But you may have heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  If you haven't, go Google it.  Anyhow, Momma was nominated to do it by one of her human pals, so she did it.  Here's the video:

Momma then chose to donate monies to the ALS place (ALS Website).  She didn't know NOTHING about ALS before this all started.  She nominates any human here who wants to do it, even if you can't donate paper monies, and post it on your blog to spread the word!

For those of you who don't think the challenge is doing any good, read this! Ice Bucket Donations Surpass $10 Million to The ALS Association

Monday, August 18, 2014


Here's a note from Momma about Pap Pap, pals!

"Dad's surgery was a success! He had a triple bypass, one valve replaced, a leaky valve repaired, and a hole in his heart closed. He will be in the cardiac ICU most likely until Wednesday, then he'll be moved to the cardiac floor. Thanks for everyone's prayers and well wishes. He's got a long recovery ahead of him, but the scary part is over!"

Whew! Thank goodness THAT'S over!!  I musta peeled Momma off the ceiling elebenty billion times last night!  Grammy even drank a BEER last night!  Grammy never ever EVER drinks ANY alcohol!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Something Happy!

It's been all doom and gloom over here, pals, cause of Pap Pap not feeling good.  His surgery is for sure on Monday, but we don't know what time yet.  Momma's been to the hospital a whole bunch this week.  But today, Momma stayed home and me, her, and Daddy snuggled in the big bed!  Momma had her phone with her, so she took some pictures of me!

I like to lay on my back in between Momma and Daddy like I'm a people!  This way Daddy can rub my belly while I give Momma kisses!

*sigh* I love snuggle time!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Boy...

Well, pals, it looks like Pap Pap is gonna be in the hopsital for a while.  He needs to have surgery on his heart to have a valve thingie replaced, and some sort of bypass thingie done two times.  And one of his valves might be crying, so that needs fixed, too.  He's gonna be cut up next week some time, so please keep him in your prayers.  Pap Pap needs to come home cause he gives the best ear rubs!

Momma here:  My dad is having open heart surgery on Monday or Tuesday to replace his aortic valve.  he's having a double (possible quadruple) bypass as well.  One of his valves might also be leaking, so they'll repair that as well.  Any prayers are deeply appreciated, and me and Fizz will keep you updated.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Prayers Needed!

Pap Pap is back in the hospital, pals.  He went to today to get a test done to take pictures of his heart, and right before they were gonna give him the sleepy stuff, he went into heart and respiratory failure.  The doctor chose not to do the test and admitted him to the hospital.  Right now he's in the cardiac ICU until he's strong enough to have the test done, but the doctor thinks he has congestive heart failure.  He was awake and alert when Momma left the hospital and he said he felt better.  The doctor thinks he will need surgery to fix his heart.  Can you pups and kitties pray that Pap Pap will agree to the surgery?  He doesn't want to be cut open, but the doctor says if it's not fixed he'll die a lot sooner than he should, and he can go back to doing all his normal stuff, like hunting and fishing, once he's healed.  Thanks, pals.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Prayers Needed!

My Pap Pap is in the hospital, pals.  That would be Momma's Daddy.  We don't know what's wrong yet, but he was feeling pretty awful this morning and couldn't get out of bed.  If you pals don't mind, can you maybe say some POP for him?  Thanks pals.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Momma Got Skinny!

Hi again, pals!  Zoe made a comment about how skinny Momma looks now, and Momma forgot that not all of you pups are on the Book of Faces.  She posted this picture there last month.

"The picture of me on the left is exactly one year ago today (June 27). The one on the right is from today (June 27). Amazing what a difference a year makes!"
Momma says the doctor wants her to lose a little more weight to help with the sugarbetes.  But she's gonna lose more than that cause she says she might as well keep going! 

I'm Going on Vacation!

I'm going on vacation, pals!  Momma and daddy are going to the DC of Washington for a few days to do some boring stuff, like looking at a bunch of stuff behind glass.  Well, *I* think that's boring, but Momma is pretty much crawling out of her skin cause she's so excited.  She's a bit of a nerd.  But she gets to meet a few Dogster pals while she's down there!  She's gonna meet Lacey's Momma and the Four Dachshunds of the Apocalypse's Momma and Daddy for dinner one night!  Lucky!  She might even get to meet the 4 DoA pups!! 

And guess what else!  The other day, she got to meet Lexie and Buddy's Momma!  She was here in the Pittsburgh of PA place for some meetings, so Momma took her to OUR place where you look at stuff behind glass.  I told you, Momma's a nerd.  But anyway, she had LOTS of fun with Mrs. Lexie and Buddy!  And she brought me a present, too, so she's a-ok in MY book!

First Momma took her to Primanti Brothers.  They put EVERYTHING on the sandwich, including French Fries and coleslaw!  Mrs Lexie and Buddy got a fried bologna sandwich, which is pretty common here.  Momma says if you ever come to the Pittsburgh of PA place, you HAVE to eat at Primanti Brothers.  It's the law.  Primanti Bros. Restaurants - A Pittsburgh Tradition

Momma and Mrs. Lexie and Buddy then went to the boring place, called Carnegie Museum.  Momma says this is in the Hall of Architecture.  See.  Boring.
Momma was trying to measure a dinosaur bone with her arms but it was too big.  I sure would like to chew on that.
Mrs. Lexie and Buddy bought me a Mr. Bill doll that says "Oh noooooooooooooo!" when you bite his belly!!  I beat him up real good.
And then I shook shook SHOOK him like crazy!
And then I feel asleep while snuggling him.  He's a great pal.
Well, pals, I'm off to pack my bag to go stay at Grammy's house!  I might even get to see cousin Tuna while I'm there!  See ya later, pals!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tiny Tuna! And ACK Fireworks!!

Did all my pals survive the fireworks yesterday?  I did.  But barely.  I spent most of my night crammed behind the couch.  Momma said she didn't even know I could fit back there BOL!

In other news, I got to meet my new cousin, Tuna!  He's awfully small...and cute.  And VERY playful.  Momma had to hold me back a few times cause I was getting a little too rough with him, but we were having fun, chasing and barking at each other!

"What is this thing?"

*sniff sniff* "It smells like a dog."

"Natalie, is that a dog?"

*sniff sniff* "It's a dog!"

"Hey!  That's MY lambie doll!!  Well, ok...I guess you can play with him..."

"I sniff you, and you sniff me.  OK, we can be friends!"

"Tuna doesn't know how to sit still for pictures just yet.  I have a lot to teach him."
This was a few days ago, but I got to see him again today at Grammy's house cause Monday is Momma's 37472467328687 birthday and the family all got together to play and sing and give out the presents.  He was SUPER playful today and kept puppy bowing at me and barking and trying to play.  I tried to tell him to calm down a little bit, but he's still a puppy, so he didn't listen.  He just barked himself to sleep.  Momma says she wishes I would go to sleep instead of barking.  Hmph.  And woof.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Momma here...I totally forgot today is Fizzy's Gotcha Day!!  I lose track of time so easily during the summer and I didn't even realize it's July already!!  MJF made Fizzy a special picture and everything! (Thanks for reminding me, MJF!  I'm a horrible Momma!)

Happy Gotcha Day, Fizzbutt!  I love you bunches and bunches and bunches!!!

I Won a Major Award!

Mr. Jack Freckles nominated me for a special award, pals!

Here's MJF's blog: Barks From MrJackFreckles
Give him a visit, he's a nice guy!
Now on to the award!

There are some  Rules:
1.  Thank the person/fur who nominated you and link back and recognize their blog in your post.
2.  Answer the 10 questions posted by the blogger who nominated you.
3.  Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.
4.  Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Thank you, MJF!!
Here's his questions and my answers!

1. Whats your Nickname?  Oh boy, I've got tons of nicknames BOL!  The Fizzinator, Fashizzle, Fizzbutt, Pooh, Pooh Fry, Poohy, Puffball, Puffy, Puffaletta, Fuzzy, Frizzy...seriously, pals, I could go on and on...
2. Do you like your furblings if you have any? I don't have any, but I've got cousins that I love!  Tuna is my newest cousin, he's great!  Me and Winnie don't get along very well, she's afraid of me.  Thumper is kinda my Uncle, but I'm older than him.  We play a LOT.  I met Lycan (a German Shepherd) one time when he was a puppy.  I owned him.  But Momma says he's a lot bigger now and I'd probably be scared.  Hmph.
3. What do you do when the phone rings?  Nothing...but when the doorbell rings LOOK OUT!!
4. Do you evfur howl? No, I mostly just bark. And bark. And bark.  WOOF!
5. Do you dream?  I was dreaming just last night!  My bag legs were kicking and I was whimpering.  Momma and Daddy think I was dreaming about chasing the evil bunnies that live in our yard!  BOL!
6. Who is your fave unfur in your furmily, your Mom, your Dad, or an unfurbling?( or someone else?) I'm more of a Momma's boy, but Natalie (my Momma's niece) is my BFF and F and F and F!
7. Did you evfur get in trouble using your teeth?  I used to a LOT when I was a young pup.  I would chew up Momma's books and flip flops like it was my job!  And I used to bite Daddy so much he had to put apple bitter spray on his hands to make me stop!  I'm a big boy now, I rarely use my teeth except to eat!
8. Where is your fave place to go to visit?  Oh boy I LOVE to visit!  I like visiting both Grammy's houses for different reasons!  Grammy Hunter has Thumper, so I like to go there and play!  And Grammy DeLuca has a HUGE back yard that gets all kinds of critters in it and makes for some good sniffing!  Plus Pap Pap D gives the best ear rubs!
9. Are you allowed to run free anywhere?  No...Momma says I have an "impulse control problem" and I would run off without a thought.  I used to be able to run in the backyard, but Daddy busted one of the fences and now there's a big hole there.
10. Do you sleep curled up in a ball, or stretched out?  When I'm at the top of the bed I curl into a schnauzer ball.  When I sleep at the foot of the bed I stretch out!

I would love it if ANY of my pals would answer my questions, cause I nominate ALL of you BOL!!

1.  What's your favorite thing to chase?
2. If you could eat any people food (and not get sick from it BOL) what would it be?
3. Do you have a favorite toy, and if so, what is it?
4. Where is your favorite place to nap?
5. Are you more of an indoor pal or an outdoor pal?
6. How do you greet your people when they come home?
7. Squirrels: evil or fun?  Discuss.
8. Do you wear clothes?
9. What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?  Did you get sick?
10. How do you celebrate your barkday?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Got A New Cousin!!

Guess what, pals?!  My Auntie Donna got a new pup!  His name is Tuna, and he's a chihuahua and dachsund mix.  Auntie says he's a chaweenie.  BOL!  Anywoof, look how cute he is!

Here he is with my best good friend, Natalie.  I'm a little jealous. 
And here he is with my other cousin, Winnie!  He's so teeny tiny, but Auntie says they love each other already!
I haven't met him yet, but Momma says I'll probably be afraid of him cause I don't like dogs smaller than me.  I'm not AFRAID, Momma.  I just can't be bothered with teeny pups!

Maybe now Auntie will stop trying to dognap me by putting me in her purse!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


One more wake-up, pals!!  That's what Momma told me when she came home from school today!  You know what that means?!  TOMORROW IS MOMMA AND DADDY'S LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  OH BOY!

We're gonna snuggle and love and play chase and play with my squirrel and moose and stay up late reading and sleep in and OH I LOVE SUMMER!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Momma's been having a heck of a time with one of her kids at school, pals.  Today, she got head butted so hard in the face that she had to go see a dogtor in case she had a concussion!!!  She has a mild one, and the dogtor said she'll most likely have a black eye tomorrow!

Poor Momma...she came home and snuggled with me and I kissed her boo boo.  I'm a good nurse like that.  And I even let her hug me!  That's how nice I am when Momma's upset.  I don't like hugs, but for Momma, I'll let it happen.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Holy Cow!

I haven't written in over a month, pals!  I sure am sorry.  See, it's that time of year when the school year is almost over, and Momma and Daddy are SO TIRED.  It's all Momma can do to get out of bed and get dressed most days, and by the time she gets home she's so exhausted she can barely keep her eyes open.  She's got some real tough kids this year, and one of them is a scratcher, and Momma has bunches of scars all over her hands now.  She comes home and I lick her scratches and snuggle with her, and she says it makes her feel better.  I'm a good nurse.

It's also garden time, so on the weekends Momma is spending a lot of time getting her plants in.  She didn't even have the garden in for a full day before the bunnies got in there and ate some stuff!  Oh pals, the SWEARS coming out of Momma's mouth!!  She made me blush!  Everything is all fenced off now, but she did lose a few cucumber plants already.  She said it's ok, it's still early enough to go buy a few more.  I got to run around and leave my scent everywhere, but the bunnies still came.  Momma says they're evil.  Daddy says Momma's mean cause the bunnies will starve now.  Then she said something not nice that I won't repeat here cause this is a family friendly blog.  BOL!!

Hope all my pals are doing good!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday To ME!

It's my birthday, pals!  I'm 10 years old today!  Momma sang to me and Daddy keeps calling me the birthday dork!  I don't get any special treats cause of the stupid rocks in my belly, but I DID get an extra helping of baby food with my medicine tonight!  So many pals sent me birthday wishes at Dogster, but Dogster must have a gazillion fleas right now cause I can't get on.  But MJF and Growlmy made me this fantastic picture!

Thanks, MJF and Growlmy!  And Doo and Austin's Momma made me this fantastic picture!

Do I have the bestest pals or WHAT?!?!?!

Monday, April 14, 2014

I Got My Hairs Cut!

"Phew!!  You stink!"

That's what Momma and Daddy have been saying to me for a week now, pals.  I think I was the perfect combination of mud, dried sticks, and bunny poo, but I was being threatened with a B-A-T-H and everything!

But I got to go see my best good pals Joyce and Karen tonight, and they cleaned me up real good, just in time for the Bunny!

How do I look?  Momma says I smell much better now!  Please ignore my Aflac duck hiding under the curtains.  He's on a covert mission to keep an eye out for squirrels and other unsavory characters.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunshine Award!!

I won another award from my friend Whitley, pals!  It's called the Sunshine Award! 

Here's how we play!

  • Thank the person who gave you the award.  Thanks Whitley!!
  • Name ten things about yourself that others might not know.
  • Pass the award on to ten other bloggers (be sure to show the Sunshine Award logo so they can use it too!)
 Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me, Fizzy!
  1. I REALLY like cheese.  You probably already know that, but I would do just about ANYTHING for a piece of cheese!
  2. I'm scared to walk on the kitchen floor.  I also don't like to walk on the wood floors in the bedroom, and I do a funny hopping thing from carpet to carpet.
  3. I have lots of best good friends, but Momma's niece, Natalie, is my most special best good friend.
  4. When I was still a pup, I used to sleep draped across Momma's throat when we were all in the big bed.  Momma called it "The Fizzy Scarf".  Momma says she's happy I don't do this any more, cause I'm a bit bigger now BOL!
  5. I used to LOVE tummy rubs.  When a person walked through the front door, I'd bark like crazy, then flop on my back so they could rub my tummy!  I don't like them so much anymore.  I'm more of an ear rub kind of guy now.
  6. I love Ho Ho time!!  Ho Ho brings me all kinds of presents, and I like to leave my toys under the tree to watch for him.  Momma's pretty sure my moose is a spy.
  7. I love to go visiting!  I like to go visit both Grammys and Pap Paps and my Aunties...and most of all, my Natalie!
  8. I get baby food mixed in with my medicine every night before bed.  Green beans are my favorite!
  9. I can't control my licker.  If there's any exposed skin, I'm going to lick lick lick it!
  10. I was once ferociously barking outside on the front porch, so Momma came running out to see what was wrong, only to find that I was barking at a caterpillar slooooooooowly inching across the porch.  Momma thought that was one of the funniest things she's ever seen.
I pick Zoe and Charlie and Zaidie and Mini Mischief and MJF and and...I'm sorry, pals, Momma's so tired her eyes are crossing.  So I pick ALL my pals, cause you all are the sunshines of our lives!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Snuggle Debate!

We got a debate goin on in our house, pals.  Momma says a debate is when you argue with someone but you don't yell at each other.  Anyhow, Momma and Daddy are debating about which snuggle position is the best when we're all in the big bed together.

See, with Daddy, I put my head on his pillow, and then he puts his head on my head.  He calls it the Double Pillow.  I ONLY do it with Daddy.

With Momma, she lays on her side and lifts up the blankie.  Then I curl into her chest, she puts the blankie over both of us, then wraps her arm around me.  She calls it Spooning.  She's the big spoon, and I get to be the little spoon.  I ONLY do this with Momma.

Both of them say their special snuggle position is the best, but I don't care.  I just love snuggle time, any time!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Pals, I have a very important message that Momma would like for me to pass along!!

"OK, dear friends. I need your help. As you all know, I was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Diabetes sucks ass, and boy, a cure sure would be nice. My dear friend Mary and her husband Jeremy participate in Tour de Cure every year, and this year I've decided to join the team. No, I'm not physically riding. Not this year at least. I don't own a bike and my foot needs some work done on it. But I can still help raise money.

I've set my goal for $500 to be raised by May 18. Please please PLEASE, if you're able, donate to help find a cure. No amount of money is too small.

Chrissy Hunter's Story

Thank you!!!!!"

So there it is, pals.  If you're able to help out, Momma would love it.  And even if you can't, please go read her story.  Love you pals!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


So Momma's been trying to find snacks to eat, now that she has the sugarbetes.  She can't believe this, but pork rinds are a good snack!  BOL!  Very little carbs, and surprisingly low in fat.  Pork rinds are just fried pig skin, in case you didn't know.  Here's what they look like.

Momma likes the BBQ kind.
 Now some of you may be saying EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.  BUT!  Momma dropped one on accident and didn't know it, and then all of a sudden she heard "snort snort snort....crunch...crunch...snort snort....crunch...CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH!!!!!"

Oh pals, it was DELICIOUS!!  Crunchy and salty and porky!!!  And now I've been snorting around at her feet, just in case she drops another one!  We all know how clumsy Momma is, so my chances are good!!

Monday, March 17, 2014


It was my yearly vet visit today, pals.  *sniff*  They beeped my ear and I didn't like it ONE BIT.  Then the vet lady stuck all these needles in my back.  Cause she was MEAN.  OK, no, she actually was very nice.  But she stuck me FULL of needles, pals!!!  OH THE PAIN!!!  And do you know what she said, pals?!?  She said my toofer in the back is broken and it needs PULLED OUT!!  WHAT?!?  Noooo!!!  That's MY toofer!!!  You can't have it, vet lady!!!

Momma's waiting for them to call her to give her an estimate of how much it will cost before scheduling it.  No way, Momma!!!  They can't have my toofer!  I won't let them!!!!  Wait...what?  If I have surgery I can have chicken and rice?  Hm...let me think about this...

My toofer hurts.  I should get chicken and rice NOW, before they pull all my teef out and then I'm the toofless wonder.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Award Thingamabobber

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award by Whitley and Mini Mischief!  Cool!

Rules for the Liebster Award:
1.  Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
2.  Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
3.  Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award.
4.  Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5.  Let the nominees know they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here's my answers to Whitley's questions:
1.  Has you ever killed a varmint?  I killed a baby bunny once.  Momma was really sad.  Until I got really sick from it and spent a few days in the hospital.  Oops.
2.  Do ya likes goin swimmin? Noooooooooooooo!!!  Water is BAD.
3.  Does ya like da kitties like I do? I dunno!  I've only ever met one kitty that ran away from my neighbor's house and I found him on my side porch and I barked and barked and barked at him until Momma rescued him and took him home!
4.  Is you Head of Security round your place or nots? Well of COURSE I am!
5.  Does ya bark da mailman?  Every day!
6.  What are your most favoritest toy? Hm...right now I'm really into playing tug with my squirrel.  I also have a baby that was my very first toy ever that I like to snuggle with!
7.  What are dat one super special cute thing ya do dat makes all da peeps go "AWWWW"? Momma and Daddy squeal whenever I put my head on them and sort of sigh and look at them with googly eyes.  When I do that I get lots of ear rubs!
8.  Does you wear clothes or is you a dog who likes being all natural wif no artfishul colorins and preservatives more? Oh yes, I love wearing my sweaters in the winter!  It's so COLD here!
9.  Do you have a favoritest movie or TV show? No, not really.  Well, I DO watch Shark Week with Momma every year.  It's scary.
10.  Has you ever been on any trips?  Where has you gone? I go on trips all the time!  Not very far away though.  Just to both Grammy's houses cause I like to visit!

Here's Mini Mischief's Questions!!

1.  Who feeds you in your house and what times do you get fed?  Daddy feeds me breakfast and lunch (lunch is when he gets home from work).  Momma gives me my dinner cause I get my medicine with dinner and Daddy always forgets!
2.  What do you eat for meals? I eat my special diet food so I don't get rocks in my belly again.  I get a scoop of baby food every night with my medicine.  Momma likes to switch it up with different kinds, but green beans is my favorite!
3.  Do you get special treats for your birthday, and if so, what are they? I get a little extra kibble and a new Nylabone cause I can't eat treats.
4.  Do you share your house with other pets, and where do they fall in the pet hierarchy?  Momma used to have two guinea pigs.  They died a few years ago.  I wasn't allowed to play with them, but I was VERY interested in them...
5.  Where is the best place in your world to play? In the SNOW!
6.  Do you go on walks? For how long and how often? Me and Momma haven't been this winter.  It's been too cold, plus Momma has a messed up foot that needs surgery. :(
7.  How often do you get groomed? Every 6-7 weeks
8.  How often do you have to have a BATH? Well, I get more baths in the spring when the snow is melting and it's raining a lot cause I get real muddy.  Other than that I usually only get them when I get my hairs cut.
9.  Do you like to watch tv? I watch Shark Week, but that's really it!
10. What is da best smell in the world to you? Bunnies!  Cause when I smell a bunny that means bunny pooh is close by, and bunny pooh is the best snack in the WORLD!

So I'm not sure how to link stuff really, so I'll just name some pups here and hopefully you'll answer my questions in your blogs!

I pick: 
Mini Mischief

And anyone else who wants to answer questions!!

OK, here's mine;
1. How did you get to be at your forever home?
2. Who named you and why did they pick that name?
3. Do you like cheese?
4. What's your favorite human food?
5. How do you let your pawrents know you have to go out and potty?
6. Do you sleep in your people's beds?
7. Are you a snuggly pal, or would you rather get pets from far away?
8. Do you like to give kisses?
9. What's the one thing you did that scared the poop out of your people?
10. Who do you bark the most at?

Saturday, March 1, 2014


We're supposed to get a huge dump of snow tomorrow and Monday, pals!  I'm excited cause most of my snow melted!  Momma's walking around the house grumbling under her breath.  I can't hear everything she's saying, but there were definitely a couple of naughty words mixed in with "winter" and "snow".  Momma does NOT like the winter, pals, especially THIS winter.  I like all the seasons, but winter is fun cause playing in the snow is the BEST!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sugar What Now?

Well, pals, Momma has an announcement to make.  She has the sugarbetes....wait, what Momma?  That's not funny?  It's called diabetes?  Oh...ok, then, pals, Momma has the diabetes.  She was diagnosed last month.  But don't worry, pals, she's doing really well.  Her doctor is super happy about her progress already, and hopes that in time she can control her sugar without medicine.

GONE went all our junk food!  No more pretzels or chips or pizza all the time!!  No more food from the Magic Window of Food drive thru!  No more sody pop!  Momma's eating good and FEELING good! 

Daddy says I have to stay away from her, though, cause I'm so sweet that I might make her blood sugar rise....silly Daddy...

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I think Blogger has fleas, pals, just like Dogster!  It keeps telling me I'm not following any blogs, but I am!  Momma hits refresh a few times and then it works.  Don't have fleas, Blogger!!!!

In other news, it's warm today!  51* F!  And the sun is shining!  Me and Momma stepped off the front porch and had to squint!  Momma said "What's THAT?!?  It BURNS!!!!"  BOL!  Momma is so over dramatic.  I took my sweater off and EVERYTHING!  And Momma had to put on sunglasses!!  Don't worry though, pals.  It's supposed to get yucky again next week.  *sigh*  One whole month left of winter...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Pictures for Charlie!

Can you believe my pal Charlie has never seen a chipmunk, pals??  Poor Charlie...they're great for barking at.  Since poor Charlie doesn't know what a chipmunk is, I'm gonna post some animals that we see around here all the time!

This here's a chipmunk.  Momma thinks they're real cute, but boy do they destroy her garden!  And nothing seems to get rid of them!
This is a squirrel, Charlie.  Do you have squirrels in Australia?  They're kind of like a chipmunk, only bigger.  Momma says they're "bolder" too, whatever that means.  We had one try to break into our house once!    

This is a deer.  The ones with the antlers are boy deer, and they're kind of mean if you get too close.  The girl deer don't have the antlers, and they're a lot nicer.  The babies are SUPER cute!  We see lots of these around here.

This is an elk.  They're pretty close to a deer, only MUCH bigger.  Momma says they're good eating, too.  We don't see many around my neighborhood.  You have to go into the mountains and forests to see them.
This is a wild turkey.  We see TONS of these guys, especially squished on the side of the road in the fall.  They're noisy, too.
This is a groundhog.  We have a big fat one that lives in our backyard.  Momma says he's so fat cause he eats her tomatoes.  He makes her laugh, though, cause he tries to sneak in, sometimes even when she's standing right there!  He waddles right past her, then runs when she shouts.  Momma says he's not super smart, but she likes him.
And this is Momma's arch nemesis, the wild rabbit.  There's so many of them here!  They drive Momma nuts cause they eat her green beans and her onions.  Even fences don't keep them out!  Momma says they're super smart, and they breed like...well, rabbits!
I'd love to see some of the creatures that live around my pals' homes!  Momma loves animals!  I just wanna bark at them!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

She's At It Again!

Momma's at it again, pals.  She's in the kitchen, cooking up some crazy experiment to do at school.  I can hear her mumbling and cackling to herself, gleefully saying "This is gonna be so MESSY!"  Momma loves messy projects.  She says the messier it is, the more fun everyone will have.  And something smells like grape Kool-aid.

For those not in the know, Momma and Daddy are both special education teachers.  They work at the same school, and all the kids at the school have something called awe-tism.  (Momma:  Fizzy means autism).  Over the years, Momma's made lots and lots of messes in the house, making projects for her kids to do.  One time she dumped a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol all over the kitchen.  She's awfully clumsy, that Momma of mine.

I just hope Momma doesn't blow up the kids.  That would bad...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Snow!!

More snow today, pals!  Momma's not too happy, but I LOVE it!!

Enjoying the snow!

It's like the winter Olympics out here!  We call this snowblowing.  I like to stick my schnooter in the snow and BLOW and POOF!  Snow falls back on my head!

I highly recommend snowblowing.  It's lots of fun!!

I hope every pup and kitty is enjoying their Sunday!  Stay warm!