Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Snuggle Debate!

We got a debate goin on in our house, pals.  Momma says a debate is when you argue with someone but you don't yell at each other.  Anyhow, Momma and Daddy are debating about which snuggle position is the best when we're all in the big bed together.

See, with Daddy, I put my head on his pillow, and then he puts his head on my head.  He calls it the Double Pillow.  I ONLY do it with Daddy.

With Momma, she lays on her side and lifts up the blankie.  Then I curl into her chest, she puts the blankie over both of us, then wraps her arm around me.  She calls it Spooning.  She's the big spoon, and I get to be the little spoon.  I ONLY do this with Momma.

Both of them say their special snuggle position is the best, but I don't care.  I just love snuggle time, any time!!


  1. I can't helps ya there, since my favorite spot to be are da foot of da bed so I can guard my momma from invadin zombiez and da like.

  2. It's a win/win fur yu Fizzy!

    Way to go gettin yur pawrents to do yu biddin! Bol!

  3. I wish I even had a chance to have 'bed time', here; none of us furs is allowed to get in the night-night rooms in this den...
    You pups are lucky!

  4. Oopsie...have to mark the notify button...

  5. I'm not allowed on Mum and Dad's bed. Woe is me!!!! Sometimes when Dad is away I sneak up next to Mum and she does that spoon'n thing you talk about, Fizzy. I LOVE it!!!!! Don't know that I'd like being used as a pillow but the spoon'n's great so I'd be on that side in the debate thingoe. I know NEVER to get on the bed when Dad's home. We blokes can be pretty clever, aye!! I'm with you on the snuggle time though. Any snuggle is good snuggle.

  6. Yu got it maded, Fizzy! Boff posishuns sound pawsum tu me, 'cept I fink I r wif Charwie - pweeze du nod use my LWD head as a piwwow!! Da onwy fing dat cood impwoobe snugglin' in bed wif da peeples wood be da instawwashun ob a 'Bed MEATZ fwidge', cwose 'nuff dat yu wood nod need tu ged up tu ged a snack!! BOL :D