Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sugar What Now?

Well, pals, Momma has an announcement to make.  She has the sugarbetes....wait, what Momma?  That's not funny?  It's called diabetes?  Oh...ok, then, pals, Momma has the diabetes.  She was diagnosed last month.  But don't worry, pals, she's doing really well.  Her doctor is super happy about her progress already, and hopes that in time she can control her sugar without medicine.

GONE went all our junk food!  No more pretzels or chips or pizza all the time!!  No more food from the Magic Window of Food drive thru!  No more sody pop!  Momma's eating good and FEELING good! 

Daddy says I have to stay away from her, though, cause I'm so sweet that I might make her blood sugar rise....silly Daddy...

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I think Blogger has fleas, pals, just like Dogster!  It keeps telling me I'm not following any blogs, but I am!  Momma hits refresh a few times and then it works.  Don't have fleas, Blogger!!!!

In other news, it's warm today!  51* F!  And the sun is shining!  Me and Momma stepped off the front porch and had to squint!  Momma said "What's THAT?!?  It BURNS!!!!"  BOL!  Momma is so over dramatic.  I took my sweater off and EVERYTHING!  And Momma had to put on sunglasses!!  Don't worry though, pals.  It's supposed to get yucky again next week.  *sigh*  One whole month left of winter...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Pictures for Charlie!

Can you believe my pal Charlie has never seen a chipmunk, pals??  Poor Charlie...they're great for barking at.  Since poor Charlie doesn't know what a chipmunk is, I'm gonna post some animals that we see around here all the time!

This here's a chipmunk.  Momma thinks they're real cute, but boy do they destroy her garden!  And nothing seems to get rid of them!
This is a squirrel, Charlie.  Do you have squirrels in Australia?  They're kind of like a chipmunk, only bigger.  Momma says they're "bolder" too, whatever that means.  We had one try to break into our house once!    

This is a deer.  The ones with the antlers are boy deer, and they're kind of mean if you get too close.  The girl deer don't have the antlers, and they're a lot nicer.  The babies are SUPER cute!  We see lots of these around here.

This is an elk.  They're pretty close to a deer, only MUCH bigger.  Momma says they're good eating, too.  We don't see many around my neighborhood.  You have to go into the mountains and forests to see them.
This is a wild turkey.  We see TONS of these guys, especially squished on the side of the road in the fall.  They're noisy, too.
This is a groundhog.  We have a big fat one that lives in our backyard.  Momma says he's so fat cause he eats her tomatoes.  He makes her laugh, though, cause he tries to sneak in, sometimes even when she's standing right there!  He waddles right past her, then runs when she shouts.  Momma says he's not super smart, but she likes him.
And this is Momma's arch nemesis, the wild rabbit.  There's so many of them here!  They drive Momma nuts cause they eat her green beans and her onions.  Even fences don't keep them out!  Momma says they're super smart, and they breed like...well, rabbits!
I'd love to see some of the creatures that live around my pals' homes!  Momma loves animals!  I just wanna bark at them!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

She's At It Again!

Momma's at it again, pals.  She's in the kitchen, cooking up some crazy experiment to do at school.  I can hear her mumbling and cackling to herself, gleefully saying "This is gonna be so MESSY!"  Momma loves messy projects.  She says the messier it is, the more fun everyone will have.  And something smells like grape Kool-aid.

For those not in the know, Momma and Daddy are both special education teachers.  They work at the same school, and all the kids at the school have something called awe-tism.  (Momma:  Fizzy means autism).  Over the years, Momma's made lots and lots of messes in the house, making projects for her kids to do.  One time she dumped a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol all over the kitchen.  She's awfully clumsy, that Momma of mine.

I just hope Momma doesn't blow up the kids.  That would bad...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Snow!!

More snow today, pals!  Momma's not too happy, but I LOVE it!!

Enjoying the snow!

It's like the winter Olympics out here!  We call this snowblowing.  I like to stick my schnooter in the snow and BLOW and POOF!  Snow falls back on my head!

I highly recommend snowblowing.  It's lots of fun!!

I hope every pup and kitty is enjoying their Sunday!  Stay warm!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Olympics!

The Olympics started today, pals!  Me and Momma don't watch the sports parts.  We like the opening ceremony.  Cause we're both couch potatoes.  If there was a competition for most naps, we'd win a gold medal.  Momma says I'd also win a gold medal for most barky dog in the universe.  I'm not sure, but I don't think she's saying that as a good thing.  Cause I'm barking again right now and she just yelled at me.


I'm just celebrating the start of the Olympics, Momma....jeeze....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Feed Me!!

Why are you not feeding me, Momma?  Can't you see I'm STARVING?!?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Crafty Fun Times

Well, pals, Zoe's Momma has been talking about crafty things in Zoe's blog.  My Momma, crafter extraordinaire, decided to share some of her crafts.  She posts these things on the Book of Faces, but she realized Zoe's Momma isn't there to see them, so she's putting some here!

Here is a cross stich she did for Grammy and Pap for Christmas.  She framed it herself, too!  She says she probably saved hundreds of dollars doing it herself.

Momma also likes to make wreaths.  Here's a bunch she's made over the years.

Momma ALSO likes to sew ornaments.  She made these for Christmas.  The Nativity she made for both Grammys.  The drama masks was for my Auntie, who directs her high school play every year.

Momma sewed a bunch of little characters and made a wall hanging for her friend that was having a human baby.  Her friend loved it!

For that same friend, Momma made her a shirt for Halloween cause she didn't know what to be and she was gonna wrap herself up in toilet paper and be a Mummy (get it?) but Momma said no, let me make something for you, so she did!

 And then, Momma got really into jewelry making, and she made tons of jewelry for my Aunties for Christmas.  She's only posting a few pieces she made, cause she seriously made TONS of jewelry!!

Them triangle earrings are made outta paper clips!

OK, Momma's done taking over my blog for now.  I keep woofing and woofing to go out, so she has to go attend to my needs.  Night night, pals!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Puppy Bowl!!

Poor Momma is sick, pals.  She's got the plague (or just a cold...)  Anywoof, she's glad the Puppy Bowl is on today to distract her.  I get to go to Grammy and Pap Pap and Thumper's house to watch the big game of footballs.  Momma don't care about the footballs.  She's just gonna sit in her chair with her tea and her book and a box of Kleenex.