Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Got A New Cousin!!

Guess what, pals?!  My Auntie Donna got a new pup!  His name is Tuna, and he's a chihuahua and dachsund mix.  Auntie says he's a chaweenie.  BOL!  Anywoof, look how cute he is!

Here he is with my best good friend, Natalie.  I'm a little jealous. 
And here he is with my other cousin, Winnie!  He's so teeny tiny, but Auntie says they love each other already!
I haven't met him yet, but Momma says I'll probably be afraid of him cause I don't like dogs smaller than me.  I'm not AFRAID, Momma.  I just can't be bothered with teeny pups!

Maybe now Auntie will stop trying to dognap me by putting me in her purse!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


One more wake-up, pals!!  That's what Momma told me when she came home from school today!  You know what that means?!  TOMORROW IS MOMMA AND DADDY'S LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  OH BOY!

We're gonna snuggle and love and play chase and play with my squirrel and moose and stay up late reading and sleep in and OH I LOVE SUMMER!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Momma's been having a heck of a time with one of her kids at school, pals.  Today, she got head butted so hard in the face that she had to go see a dogtor in case she had a concussion!!!  She has a mild one, and the dogtor said she'll most likely have a black eye tomorrow!

Poor Momma...she came home and snuggled with me and I kissed her boo boo.  I'm a good nurse like that.  And I even let her hug me!  That's how nice I am when Momma's upset.  I don't like hugs, but for Momma, I'll let it happen.