Monday, March 17, 2014


It was my yearly vet visit today, pals.  *sniff*  They beeped my ear and I didn't like it ONE BIT.  Then the vet lady stuck all these needles in my back.  Cause she was MEAN.  OK, no, she actually was very nice.  But she stuck me FULL of needles, pals!!!  OH THE PAIN!!!  And do you know what she said, pals?!?  She said my toofer in the back is broken and it needs PULLED OUT!!  WHAT?!?  Noooo!!!  That's MY toofer!!!  You can't have it, vet lady!!!

Momma's waiting for them to call her to give her an estimate of how much it will cost before scheduling it.  No way, Momma!!!  They can't have my toofer!  I won't let them!!!!  Wait...what?  If I have surgery I can have chicken and rice?  Hm...let me think about this...

My toofer hurts.  I should get chicken and rice NOW, before they pull all my teef out and then I'm the toofless wonder.


  1. Oh, deer, Fizzy...I r sendin' my simpaffies tu yu, my fwiend. It *cood* be worf it in da end, doe. Chiggen an' wice r sum tastee stuffs, dood!

  2. Hmmm, I'd take da chicken and rice and skip da dental appointment. BOL!

    But our kitty Jezebel had to have some tooters pulled and started eatin a lot better when they was gone.

  3. Crikey Fizzy ... You'd best have a talk to Mr JF sIr .... He just had one of those tooths pulled. He can tell you all about it. I think he's glad he had it done even though it was a bit yuk at the time ... Thinking of you!

    1. Just another thought ... What is it you blokes eat over there to break teeth? I wanna steer clear of whatever it is! CRIKEY ... Hope it's not something good.

    2. It r wocks, Charwie. Jus' pwain old wocks...BOL : D I r kiddin', bwoke! It r ice cweem! BOL!

    3. I don't think I evfur tried to chew a rock, BOL!
      ots of sticks and bones...and that was long ago, so truly I don't know...

      It was yuck the first day, but then I got back to regular! Barks and all!

      But, um...I didn't get no rice and chicken.Sheesh, I feel cheated! BOL!

    4. Not ice cweem? I LOVE ice cweem!

  4. Sorry you broke your toofer... Jez broke hers on bird bones, back when she wuz a mighty huntress...
    Charlie, I's wonderin' da same thing... whut are ya pups gnawin' on??

  5. Its not too awful...
    Better than a broked toothie, that feels bad when it gets touched. Hmmm, now I have a nice hole to show fur my troubles, BOL!
    And you won't need a cone of shame!

  6. Poor Fizzy! Why do they always torture us pups and take things frum us?