Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tiny Tuna! And ACK Fireworks!!

Did all my pals survive the fireworks yesterday?  I did.  But barely.  I spent most of my night crammed behind the couch.  Momma said she didn't even know I could fit back there BOL!

In other news, I got to meet my new cousin, Tuna!  He's awfully small...and cute.  And VERY playful.  Momma had to hold me back a few times cause I was getting a little too rough with him, but we were having fun, chasing and barking at each other!

"What is this thing?"

*sniff sniff* "It smells like a dog."

"Natalie, is that a dog?"

*sniff sniff* "It's a dog!"

"Hey!  That's MY lambie doll!!  Well, ok...I guess you can play with him..."

"I sniff you, and you sniff me.  OK, we can be friends!"

"Tuna doesn't know how to sit still for pictures just yet.  I have a lot to teach him."
This was a few days ago, but I got to see him again today at Grammy's house cause Monday is Momma's 37472467328687 birthday and the family all got together to play and sing and give out the presents.  He was SUPER playful today and kept puppy bowing at me and barking and trying to play.  I tried to tell him to calm down a little bit, but he's still a puppy, so he didn't listen.  He just barked himself to sleep.  Momma says she wishes I would go to sleep instead of barking.  Hmph.  And woof.


  1. I had an OK Fourth of July...I think the peeps enjoyed it more, cause they got to go out...

    Cute puppy that Tuna!
    I can see that you and he are gonna get along furmousely!

    Early Happy Birthday to your Momma!
    If that is your Momm's upcoming the fall, growlmy will be 999999660999999, that's older than the dinosaurs, BOL!
    Bark on!!

  2. Since when is barkin' and sleepin' mutually exclusive???

    Cuz somebuddy furgot to tell Whitley....bol!

    1. Yeah, I barks in my sleep all da time!

  3. Cute Tuna! Such a puppy!
    Teach him good Fizzy!

  4. OMD, Fizzy! Yur Momma r WAY old! BOL :D

    Tuna r compwetewy 'dorable an' also a lil' wascal!! Congwats on bein' a nu cuzin! Yu hab yur werk cutted out fur yu, my fwiend. Hey, r dat fish I r smellin'??

  5. I's given ya an award - ya can see it here - Even if ya don't wanna do all da rules, ya can still have da award.