Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Holy Cow!

I haven't written in over a month, pals!  I sure am sorry.  See, it's that time of year when the school year is almost over, and Momma and Daddy are SO TIRED.  It's all Momma can do to get out of bed and get dressed most days, and by the time she gets home she's so exhausted she can barely keep her eyes open.  She's got some real tough kids this year, and one of them is a scratcher, and Momma has bunches of scars all over her hands now.  She comes home and I lick her scratches and snuggle with her, and she says it makes her feel better.  I'm a good nurse.

It's also garden time, so on the weekends Momma is spending a lot of time getting her plants in.  She didn't even have the garden in for a full day before the bunnies got in there and ate some stuff!  Oh pals, the SWEARS coming out of Momma's mouth!!  She made me blush!  Everything is all fenced off now, but she did lose a few cucumber plants already.  She said it's ok, it's still early enough to go buy a few more.  I got to run around and leave my scent everywhere, but the bunnies still came.  Momma says they're evil.  Daddy says Momma's mean cause the bunnies will starve now.  Then she said something not nice that I won't repeat here cause this is a family friendly blog.  BOL!!

Hope all my pals are doing good!


  1. Hi Fizzy! Good to hear yu barkin!
    Keep at those bunnies!

  2. We got bunnies here, but dey don't seem to bother our garden much. Dey's fun to chase though.

  3. Yeah, da bunnies nevfur bother Momma's garden... dose ratz is anudder matter... dey usta get da tomaters at night, evfun liftin' up da mesh she put ovfur dem... she finally gave up on growin' tomaters.

  4. We jus' pwanted our bery furst beggie garden here at my howse! Spinach an' wettuce an' pebbers an' zucchiniz an' gween onyuns an' 'matoes!! So far sumfing r diggin' in it at nite, bud nod eatin' anyfing. Dadda sez we shood put up a fence afore dose barmints start finkin' our side yard r dere own all-you-can-eat salad bar!

    Fizzy! R yur Momma geddin' hur feetz surgermatized dis summer??

    1. Z-pup, it sounds like your Momma's garden might have a mole or chipmunk. Chipmunks like to dig holes around plants to try to get at the seeds!

      Momma's not gettin her foot cut open yet. Her dogtor wants her to lose more weight first and see if that helps with the pain. Momma's already lost about 60 pounds (maybe even more...she dunno how much she weighed before she got the sugarbetes) and the dogtor said to lose 10 more, but Momma's gonna keep going. Since she's lost weight her foot don't hurt so much!

  5. Hi Fizzy!
    Good to hear barks from ya!

    We got pesky critters & varmints in our yard, too...and I, MJF only go after them if I see them...
    They dig & chew and make a nuisance of themselves...

    Have a great summer!