Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunshine Award!!

I won another award from my friend Whitley, pals!  It's called the Sunshine Award! 

Here's how we play!

  • Thank the person who gave you the award.  Thanks Whitley!!
  • Name ten things about yourself that others might not know.
  • Pass the award on to ten other bloggers (be sure to show the Sunshine Award logo so they can use it too!)
 Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me, Fizzy!
  1. I REALLY like cheese.  You probably already know that, but I would do just about ANYTHING for a piece of cheese!
  2. I'm scared to walk on the kitchen floor.  I also don't like to walk on the wood floors in the bedroom, and I do a funny hopping thing from carpet to carpet.
  3. I have lots of best good friends, but Momma's niece, Natalie, is my most special best good friend.
  4. When I was still a pup, I used to sleep draped across Momma's throat when we were all in the big bed.  Momma called it "The Fizzy Scarf".  Momma says she's happy I don't do this any more, cause I'm a bit bigger now BOL!
  5. I used to LOVE tummy rubs.  When a person walked through the front door, I'd bark like crazy, then flop on my back so they could rub my tummy!  I don't like them so much anymore.  I'm more of an ear rub kind of guy now.
  6. I love Ho Ho time!!  Ho Ho brings me all kinds of presents, and I like to leave my toys under the tree to watch for him.  Momma's pretty sure my moose is a spy.
  7. I love to go visiting!  I like to go visit both Grammys and Pap Paps and my Aunties...and most of all, my Natalie!
  8. I get baby food mixed in with my medicine every night before bed.  Green beans are my favorite!
  9. I can't control my licker.  If there's any exposed skin, I'm going to lick lick lick it!
  10. I was once ferociously barking outside on the front porch, so Momma came running out to see what was wrong, only to find that I was barking at a caterpillar slooooooooowly inching across the porch.  Momma thought that was one of the funniest things she's ever seen.
I pick Zoe and Charlie and Zaidie and Mini Mischief and MJF and and...I'm sorry, pals, Momma's so tired her eyes are crossing.  So I pick ALL my pals, cause you all are the sunshines of our lives!


  1. Your facts are pawsome, Fizzy!
    I love that you honored me and picked me to honor...but growlmy says she is way to busy to let me get doing these award thingys...sheesh, she says that I take up as much time as her out of the house job, BOL! Well, no wonder I am MJF! BOL!

    Sometimes she doesn't even let me woof in blogs and diaries, let alone my own! Sigh...

    You barked at caterpillar, OMD! BOL!
    I barked at a tricycle once too close to my steps from where it usually was...and I barked at a branch that had fallen down in *my* yard.
    Pawppy says I am the one and only doggy he has evfur met that barks at water towers to guard us from them...

  2. I lick da exposed skin too - I always get really happy it's spring and da humans are wearing shorts again - lick lick lick!

  3. Yu are a spesal dood. An yu have a fun an funny life!

    Hmm, I've nefur barked a caterpillar afore. Might try that sumtime.

  4. *sob* Dat r da beeyoofuwwest fing I hab eber heered, Fizzy! *sobsobsobbitysob* I habbed no idea yur fwiends meened dat much tu yu. *sob* I r compwetewy honured an' bwowed away. Hey, we hab pillars on our fwont porch, bud I hab neber noticed any kitties on dem. Hmmmm...