Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nurse Fizzy, Reporting for Duty!!

So many sick people in my house, pals!!!  Daddy woke up on Friday really sick with a cough and a sore throat, so he stayed home from school and I took care of him.  Then Momma woke up this morning really sick to her tummy, and she's had the urka gurkas all day!  Daddy was too sick to go get her stuff to make her tummy feel better, so she drove herself and said she almost urka gurkaed in the store.  Momma says I've been the best nurse all day  I've been following her around, laying in her lap when she's in bed, and giving her gentle kisses every now and then.  She's feeling a little bit better now, that's how good of a nurse I am!

(Are you watching, Ho Ho?!?!  I'm a good boy!!!!!)


  1. Oh, NO!! Dis r howwible! Boff pawents sick at da same time?? OMD. I dunno how yu du it, Fizzy! Yu betcha Santa r watchin' yu an' him r takin' wotza notes, wike dis : *Note tu selb : fill Fizzy's stockin' 'til it r oberfwowin' wif da bestest fings a pup named Fizzy cood want an' NO hats an' NO fweaters cuz him hates wearin' cwothes an' junk, bud du nod furged 'bout cheez cuz Fizzy WUFFS cheez*
    See, Fizzy? Him shur r watchin' yu!

    Hope yur Daddy an' Momma feel bedder weal soon, my fwiend

  2. POTP to your peeps, Fizzy!
    There is gonna be lots of goodies fur you this Christmas!

    PeeEss: Love that background...growlmy says she is too lazy to make mine into a seasonal theme...spoilsport, BOL!

  3. Oh the poor peeps! Good job you're there to look after them, Nurse Fizzy
    Loves and healing licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Crikey Fizzy ...... that's no good, aye?? Sure hope your peeps are feeling better real soon. Your background sure looks great!!

  5. Yikes, Nurse Fizzy! Let's hope both yur pawrents are feelin all better real soon. Sounds like yu could use a break frum yur duties.

    Very festive ofur here. An yur page too Charlie!