Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm Going on Vacation!

I'm going on vacation, pals!  Momma and daddy are going to the DC of Washington for a few days to do some boring stuff, like looking at a bunch of stuff behind glass.  Well, *I* think that's boring, but Momma is pretty much crawling out of her skin cause she's so excited.  She's a bit of a nerd.  But she gets to meet a few Dogster pals while she's down there!  She's gonna meet Lacey's Momma and the Four Dachshunds of the Apocalypse's Momma and Daddy for dinner one night!  Lucky!  She might even get to meet the 4 DoA pups!! 

And guess what else!  The other day, she got to meet Lexie and Buddy's Momma!  She was here in the Pittsburgh of PA place for some meetings, so Momma took her to OUR place where you look at stuff behind glass.  I told you, Momma's a nerd.  But anyway, she had LOTS of fun with Mrs. Lexie and Buddy!  And she brought me a present, too, so she's a-ok in MY book!

First Momma took her to Primanti Brothers.  They put EVERYTHING on the sandwich, including French Fries and coleslaw!  Mrs Lexie and Buddy got a fried bologna sandwich, which is pretty common here.  Momma says if you ever come to the Pittsburgh of PA place, you HAVE to eat at Primanti Brothers.  It's the law.  Primanti Bros. Restaurants - A Pittsburgh Tradition

Momma and Mrs. Lexie and Buddy then went to the boring place, called Carnegie Museum.  Momma says this is in the Hall of Architecture.  See.  Boring.
Momma was trying to measure a dinosaur bone with her arms but it was too big.  I sure would like to chew on that.
Mrs. Lexie and Buddy bought me a Mr. Bill doll that says "Oh noooooooooooooo!" when you bite his belly!!  I beat him up real good.
And then I shook shook SHOOK him like crazy!
And then I feel asleep while snuggling him.  He's a great pal.
Well, pals, I'm off to pack my bag to go stay at Grammy's house!  I might even get to see cousin Tuna while I'm there!  See ya later, pals!


  1. This will be so much fun fur yu to go on the vacation!
    Yawn fur yur Momma though. Peepoles are so weird 'bout stuff.
    Hey, look how Skinny yur Momma has gotten! Good job!
    An HI! to the Lexie an Buddy Mom! Haven't heard frum her in a month o' Sundays!

    1. Mrs Lexie and Buddy only does the Book of Faces now. She's going to school so she only has so much time to play on the Interwebs! Momma's gonna post a picture she put on the Book of faces to show how much weight she's lost! She thought she could do it in the comments section but I guess not!

  2. Have a great vacation! Your Momma is going to the city where Pawppy was born and grew up in...its a truly neato city and there is so much to see, she sill need a year or a million years to see it all, BOL!
    I have been there too...

    You Fizzy have fun with your Grammy!


    1. Yeah Momma says she had to limit how many museum places to go to since they'll only be there 3 days. Silly Momma.

  3. Have fun at your grammy's house!

    Dat toy looks like fun!

  4. Crikey Fizzy .... lucky Momma, I s'pose!!! Lucky you though .... Grammy's are awesome!! Have fun!!

  5. I hope yur pawents habbed a gwate baycayshun, Fizzy! SOOO kewl dat hur meeted Missus Wexie an' Buddy!! Mistur Bill r one kewl dood. My Momma wememers him fwum da early days ob SNL! Hope yu habbed fun at Gwammy's howse, tu!