Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Momma here...I totally forgot today is Fizzy's Gotcha Day!!  I lose track of time so easily during the summer and I didn't even realize it's July already!!  MJF made Fizzy a special picture and everything! (Thanks for reminding me, MJF!  I'm a horrible Momma!)

Happy Gotcha Day, Fizzbutt!  I love you bunches and bunches and bunches!!!


  1. Aww, don't kick yourself so hard, Mrs Fizzy!
    Fizzy will surely furgive ya if you give him loads of treats and attenshuns, BOL!!


  2. Crikey ..... take it easy on yourself Fizzy's Momma. You're NOT a horrible Momma!!! These things happen. I'm sure Fizzy didn't remember either and I bet you sure made up for it once you did remember, aye?? Have a great gotcha day Fizzy ..... whenever you celebrate it!!!!!!

  3. It are my Gotcha Day, too!! Happy Gotcha Day, Fizzy!

  4. Fizzy! Happy Day Affer Yur Real Gotcha Day That Yur Momma Furgot All About!

    Hope yu gave yur sweet poo sum extra luvin an fun time Mrs.Fizzy. ;-)

  5. Mom forgot your special day? OMD! Did u give her the devil? Totally not acceptable..... Dogatary trying 2 paw my woofs on tiny tablet......
    Windows 2 help wash .....need new canvas 4 my daily art. 1st. Need lunch, she is trying 2 starve me! Huggies,mazy

  6. Fizzbutt. BOLBOLBOL :D I wuff dat!! Hope yu gedded sum Gotcha Day tweats, Fizzy!