Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Boy...

Well, pals, it looks like Pap Pap is gonna be in the hopsital for a while.  He needs to have surgery on his heart to have a valve thingie replaced, and some sort of bypass thingie done two times.  And one of his valves might be crying, so that needs fixed, too.  He's gonna be cut up next week some time, so please keep him in your prayers.  Pap Pap needs to come home cause he gives the best ear rubs!

Momma here:  My dad is having open heart surgery on Monday or Tuesday to replace his aortic valve.  he's having a double (possible quadruple) bypass as well.  One of his valves might also be leaking, so they'll repair that as well.  Any prayers are deeply appreciated, and me and Fizz will keep you updated.


  1. Sending lotsa prayers fur your PapPap, Fizzy!

  2. We are on it Fizzy and FizzyMomma.

  3. Sending POTP to PapPap and family - we will be praying for a full recovery.

  4. Crikey Fizzy ...... Down here in Australia we are all thinking of you and wishing your Pap Pap a speedy recovery. Our love and hugs to you all..

  5. Your PapPap will be a priority on growlmy's prayer list, and she will tell her lady furends that she sees weekly, to pray fur him too.

    I send him my pawyers and a lot of licks!

    And remember, stay calm and um..well, nevur mind...

    We hope your Momma won't need a BodkaDwip™ from Zaidie...
    She needs prayers, too! And we will do that too.

    1. Thanks pals and Growlmy. Momma MIGHT need the BodkaDwip, but more for Grammy than for her BOL!!