Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day!

Momma and Daddy have a snow day today, pals!  It's sooooo very cold here.  All the schools are closed, not just Momma's and Daddy's school.  We all have bunches of clothes on and Momma's been drinking hot tea like it's her job, but everyone is still cold!  BOL!! 

Who's ready for spring?!?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Best Day EVER!

I had the best day ever, pups (and kitties!)! The wind was blowing like CRAZY this morning, and it knocked a bunch of power lines down, so we didn't have any lectricity. Somehow Momma and Daddy managed to get up at their normal time, but since it was still dark o'clock, they couldn't see ANYTHING. They got dressed using their cell phones BOL! Anyhow, since the power was out, the furnace wasn't working, so guess where I got to go, pups?! Guess!!! Yeah, I went to Grammy's and Pap Pap's and Thumper's house!! ALL DAY! We played and ran around and snuggled and napped! Pap Pap even took me and Thumper out back to play in the snow! Oh pups, it was AWESOME! And then Momma and Daddy came to get me, and now I'm so pooped out. This is what I've been doing since we came home! YAWN!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hello? Is anybody out there?

So here I am, pups. A refugee from Dogster *sniff* Momma has to figure things out over here at this Blogger place, but she'll figure it out for me. Maybe. I sure hope so. I miss my pals!