Friday, October 31, 2014

So Embarrassing!

Momma thinks she's hilarious, pals.  She says I'm the worst on Halloween cause I bark like a nutball.

This is me, barking my head off.  Momma says there was no one even out there yet, but I knew they were coming!!

Then Daddy had a great idea.  Well, HE thought it was great.  He got my hot dog costume out and made me wear it!!  And guess what?  I STOPPED BARKING!

Hmph.  Not funny, guys.  Not funny at all.


  1. How mean is that? Doggie torture by yu own pawents!

    Uh, but Fizz, yu wuz hardly barkin anyways. Not compared to whut Me an Tux can do.

    Yu had a purdy good time until the goofy costume came along.

  2. I do not blame your barker fur stopping...I would do the nobark thing too...but I didn't have to bark cause no one rang our bell, BOL! We live in the country so the kidlets go into town fur better treat snagging...

  3. Hmmmm....R dat webenge I smell??? Dis wood be a weal gud time tu ged back at yur 'wents, Fizzy! Puttin' yur hotdog costume on wuz weal mean an' nastee, eben if it did shut yu up! BOLBOL!!!