Friday, September 19, 2014

Attack of the Killer Birds!!!

You're never going to believe what just happened, pals!!  A BIRD flew in through the front door and was flying around my house!!!!  Momma was SCREAMING and Daddy was SHOUTING and I was BARKING!  Momma said it was mad chaos up in here!  BOL!!

Weird things happen all the time with wild animals around here.  Momma says it's like National Geographic.  Or the animals must think she's Snow White.

A few years ago, Momma was upstairs in her craft room making some sort of crafty fun time project.  Keep in mind, pals, when I say upstairs, I mean the second floor of our house.  She heard a scratching sound and something moved, so she looked out the window and saw THIS!

Do you SEE that?!?!  That's a SQUIRREL!!  Outside the window on the second floor!!!  He was scratching at the window trying to get in!

Momma knocked on the window to shoo it away, and he showed her his butt.  Cheeky little guy, no?
I was barking and barking and barking and she was screaming and screaming and screaming.  He ran away, but we have NO idea how he got up there!!!

This summer, Momma had LOTS of trouble with rabbits.  She calls them a bad word that I'm not allowed to repeat, but she says I can tell you that it's a naughty word for your bumhole.

First they chewed through her fencing that's supposed to keep them out.  Oh the SWEARS, pals...makes a pup blush!

Then one day, Momma had the garage door open and a baby bunny tried to move in!

He tried to move in behind some dirt and planters.  Momma tried to shoo him away, and he ran into the back of the garage and settled in by our Christmas tree!!  Momma never found him, but she left the door open for a few hours, so he must have decided the rent was too high and moved out. 
And THEN, last winter, this weird looking bird was living in our awning in the front of our house!  he would dive at Momma and Daddy's heads when they tried to leave the house.  Momma tried to shoo him away, but he musta liked our house cause he kept coming back.

Momma posted this picture on the Book of Faces, and she says people thought it was a ferret or a badger.  She says the conversation that came with this picture was one of the funniest things she's ever read!

Here's a better picture.  See?  Just a bird!
Momma insists that she isn't Snow White, and she doesn't want all these wild animals in her house.  Never a dull moment around here, pals!


  1. Wow Fizz! I had no idea it wuz so xcitin round yur place. Well, but 'cept fur when yur Momma messes with stuff an gets hurt an blows up stuff.

    Coolio stuff to bark at!

    1. Whut kinda angry burd is that anyways?

    2. Not sure. Maybe a baby sparrow? We get lots of them around here.

  2. BOL, Zoe! Eben when yu r nod feewin' gud, yu r FUNNEE!!

    Wow, Fizzy! Mind if I come fur a bisit? Nuffin dat 'citin' eber habbens 'wound heer!!

  3. Yup, I would love to come there to bark or catch those critters...
    Who do they think they are anyways, the silly interlopers and trespassers, esp those fence eating rabbits...are you sure its not coons doing that?
    Sheesh if the bunnies chew fences, their teeth must be formidable weapons. Yikes!

    1. Well that particular fence was vinyl. Momma says from now on it's all chicken wire.

  4. OMD, looks like ya got some good barkin round there.

    P.S. I could help wif da skwerril infestashun.

  5. That was one very cheeky squirrel!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx