Saturday, August 16, 2014

Something Happy!

It's been all doom and gloom over here, pals, cause of Pap Pap not feeling good.  His surgery is for sure on Monday, but we don't know what time yet.  Momma's been to the hospital a whole bunch this week.  But today, Momma stayed home and me, her, and Daddy snuggled in the big bed!  Momma had her phone with her, so she took some pictures of me!

I like to lay on my back in between Momma and Daddy like I'm a people!  This way Daddy can rub my belly while I give Momma kisses!

*sigh* I love snuggle time!


  1. Nothing like a wonderful belly rub with the humans that love you.

  2. Snuggle times sure are great. Glad you got some good ones in today!

  3. Crikey Fizzy it's good you had a nice day snuggling. We'll be thinking of you next week.