Monday, July 21, 2014

Momma Got Skinny!

Hi again, pals!  Zoe made a comment about how skinny Momma looks now, and Momma forgot that not all of you pups are on the Book of Faces.  She posted this picture there last month.

"The picture of me on the left is exactly one year ago today (June 27). The one on the right is from today (June 27). Amazing what a difference a year makes!"
Momma says the doctor wants her to lose a little more weight to help with the sugarbetes.  But she's gonna lose more than that cause she says she might as well keep going! 


  1. Hi Fizzy! Wow, that is great news.... my dad lost 80 some ponds in a year and 1 month and like your mom is still loosing! he had to after his heart attack. Your mom looks good Fizzy. It is hard work loosing weight.

    Your mom deserves an award!

  2. WOW! That is super duper GREAT Mrs.Fizzy!
    We bet yu feel so much better.
    Mommy needs to get on the program.

  3. Congrats to your Momma!

    Growlmy says she could stand to lose a load too...not to mention Pawppy...

  4. Crikey Fizzy's Momma ..... well done!! You look amazing and I bet you feel better too. It is sooooooooo hard to lose weight. Your Momma deserves a medal!!

  5. Congrats to yer Momma on a job well done!! AAAaarrrRRRoooooOOOoo!!

  6. Congwatumatayshuns tu yur Momma, Fizzy! Hur wooks 'mazin' an' hur skins r so bery pwetty, tu!