Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Award Thingamabobber

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award by Whitley and Mini Mischief!  Cool!

Rules for the Liebster Award:
1.  Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
2.  Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
3.  Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award.
4.  Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5.  Let the nominees know they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here's my answers to Whitley's questions:
1.  Has you ever killed a varmint?  I killed a baby bunny once.  Momma was really sad.  Until I got really sick from it and spent a few days in the hospital.  Oops.
2.  Do ya likes goin swimmin? Noooooooooooooo!!!  Water is BAD.
3.  Does ya like da kitties like I do? I dunno!  I've only ever met one kitty that ran away from my neighbor's house and I found him on my side porch and I barked and barked and barked at him until Momma rescued him and took him home!
4.  Is you Head of Security round your place or nots? Well of COURSE I am!
5.  Does ya bark da mailman?  Every day!
6.  What are your most favoritest toy? Hm...right now I'm really into playing tug with my squirrel.  I also have a baby that was my very first toy ever that I like to snuggle with!
7.  What are dat one super special cute thing ya do dat makes all da peeps go "AWWWW"? Momma and Daddy squeal whenever I put my head on them and sort of sigh and look at them with googly eyes.  When I do that I get lots of ear rubs!
8.  Does you wear clothes or is you a dog who likes being all natural wif no artfishul colorins and preservatives more? Oh yes, I love wearing my sweaters in the winter!  It's so COLD here!
9.  Do you have a favoritest movie or TV show? No, not really.  Well, I DO watch Shark Week with Momma every year.  It's scary.
10.  Has you ever been on any trips?  Where has you gone? I go on trips all the time!  Not very far away though.  Just to both Grammy's houses cause I like to visit!

Here's Mini Mischief's Questions!!

1.  Who feeds you in your house and what times do you get fed?  Daddy feeds me breakfast and lunch (lunch is when he gets home from work).  Momma gives me my dinner cause I get my medicine with dinner and Daddy always forgets!
2.  What do you eat for meals? I eat my special diet food so I don't get rocks in my belly again.  I get a scoop of baby food every night with my medicine.  Momma likes to switch it up with different kinds, but green beans is my favorite!
3.  Do you get special treats for your birthday, and if so, what are they? I get a little extra kibble and a new Nylabone cause I can't eat treats.
4.  Do you share your house with other pets, and where do they fall in the pet hierarchy?  Momma used to have two guinea pigs.  They died a few years ago.  I wasn't allowed to play with them, but I was VERY interested in them...
5.  Where is the best place in your world to play? In the SNOW!
6.  Do you go on walks? For how long and how often? Me and Momma haven't been this winter.  It's been too cold, plus Momma has a messed up foot that needs surgery. :(
7.  How often do you get groomed? Every 6-7 weeks
8.  How often do you have to have a BATH? Well, I get more baths in the spring when the snow is melting and it's raining a lot cause I get real muddy.  Other than that I usually only get them when I get my hairs cut.
9.  Do you like to watch tv? I watch Shark Week, but that's really it!
10. What is da best smell in the world to you? Bunnies!  Cause when I smell a bunny that means bunny pooh is close by, and bunny pooh is the best snack in the WORLD!

So I'm not sure how to link stuff really, so I'll just name some pups here and hopefully you'll answer my questions in your blogs!

I pick: 
Mini Mischief

And anyone else who wants to answer questions!!

OK, here's mine;
1. How did you get to be at your forever home?
2. Who named you and why did they pick that name?
3. Do you like cheese?
4. What's your favorite human food?
5. How do you let your pawrents know you have to go out and potty?
6. Do you sleep in your people's beds?
7. Are you a snuggly pal, or would you rather get pets from far away?
8. Do you like to give kisses?
9. What's the one thing you did that scared the poop out of your people?
10. Who do you bark the most at?


  1. Pawsome answers! I'll answer yours tomorrow.

  2. Puff Darby here -
    1) I was homeless and found myself in an animal shelter. The humans saw my picture on the shelter's web site and the next thing I knew, I had a forever home.
    2) The shelter named me Puff and since this was my third name change (Bono, Scooter and now Puff, my new humans decided not to change it).
    3) Sometimes I like cheese but not always.
    4) Chicken
    5) I piddle on the floor and then they can figure it out - BOL I don't really understand why they put me outside after I already piddled.
    6) Yup, Right on top of momma's legs
    7) I love to follow momma around but aren't that keen on being snuggled.
    8) I am very generous in the kissing department - Momma says you have to be careful with me because I sometimes like to give French kisses - BOL
    9) I somehow managed to twist my left rear leg so that the whole leg and paw was facing upward - It turned out to be a spinal injury but I have managed to survive even though I'll never be completely recovered.
    10) The delivery people (UPS/Fe Ex) and daddy - BOL.

  3. Crikey .... I'm too computer challenged to do this properly but I'll answer your questions here like Puffy did.
    1. I was advertised for sale by my breeder when I was 6 months old because they said I was faulty. I'll give them faulty! There's nothing wrong with me. Ok ... so my testicles didn't descend .... so what? Who needs them, I say. My Mum saw the ad and took one look at me and was a gonner!!!!
    2.Long story ... Dad named me. One of his favourite movies is African Queen with Humphrey Bogart. His name in the movie was Charlie Allnut. Dad said I was Charlie Nonut. Thinks he's funny my Dad! I like Charlie but not so keen on the Nonut bit.
    3. DO I LIKE CHEESE????????? Crikey ... do birds fly??????
    4. Any sort of leftovers does me. I love pretty much ALL human food except tomatoes. I LOVE apples and grapes.
    5.I give the tiniest little whimper and go and stand at the door. Stupid really!! No-one can hear me but I haven't EVER pottied inside. I have VERY good control. I have thrown up inside though.
    6. No I get too hot! Maybe in winter. I sleep on my very own couch in Mum and Dad's bedroom or on a bed on the floor next to Mum. She reaches down and pats me if she's awake.
    7. I think I'm a lap dog. I like cuddles a LOT!!!
    8.I'm a VERY good kisser!!! I kiss everyone ....
    9.Well ... I think the time I slipped my collar and chased a couple of Roos was the thing I've done that scared my folks most. Mum wasn't there ... just Dad but when Mum heard about it she was pretty upset too.
    10. I'm not a big barker but I do bark my happy bark when I see someone I really like a lot and haven't seen them for quite sometime. My two legged sister and her 3 little girls always get my happy bark when they come to visit.
    Crikey I loved Puffy's answer to no. 5. Too funny!!!!!!