Thursday, March 26, 2015

Poor Momma...

Momma's got the urka gurkas REAL BAD, pals.  She said she hasn't had a stomach bug like this in a super long time.  I'm trying to take care of her, but I don't think she appreciates my help.

She was sick all night long.  Daddy let me out this morning, and when I came back in I brought her a present.  It was a bit of a peanut shell I found in the yard.  I put it right next to her on the bed so she'd be sure to see it.  She was kinda moaning and groaning, and she rolled over and found it and started giggling.  She threw it away, though, cause she said she's not hungry.  Well, she says she couldn't stop thinking about that peanut, and her tummy started going wonky, and she ran to the bathroom to urka gurka.  I tried to follow her in there but she shut the door on me, pals!!!  She's urka gurked a few more times since then.  She says she feels like a new born baby.  I dunno why she feels that way, or what that even means, but she just ate a piece of toast and she doesn't look nearly as cute as a baby.  Babies aren't green.  Unless it's a baby frog.

I was supposed to go see Grammy and pap-Pap and Thumper tonight, but I don't think that's happening...


  1. Poor FizzyMomma! I hope yu feel better Real soon!
    Fizzy, yu are a good nurse fur her, even if she don't 'preciate yu.

  2. Fizzy, I sure hopes yer Momma feels better soon... and whut a gud nurse you are!

  3. Hope your momma feels better soon.

  4. Maybe you can bring your Momma some gingerale and crackers...You are a good nurse-pup!

    Sending POTP to your Momma and i hope she gets to feeling better really soon!

  5. I shur hope yur Momma r feewin' bedder by now, Fizzy, an' I r NOD Abwil Foowin'!