Sunday, March 22, 2015

I'm Old and Deaf and Hairy

Momma says we only update our bloggy thing here when some pup moves on to the Bridge, pals, and that's too sad, so I finally convinced her to get off her butt and help me write something!!!!

Not much has been happening here.  It's finally done snowing (BOO!) (Momma: NOT boo...I hate winter), but it's still cold.  Momma says spring always struggles in, but once it's here it's GLORIOUS.  Cause then the bunnies come out and I can eat their pooh. (Momma:  That's NOT why spring is glorious...)

I went to the vet for my yearly check-up last week.  We saw a different vet at the same place we always go to, and Momma and Daddy did NOT like her.  First she said my eyes are cloudy.  Well, DUH, vet lady, I'm almost 11 years old.  Then she checked my ears and said they're hairy.  HMPH.  YOUR ears are hairy, lady!!  Then she said I was too fat!!  But no one had even weighed me at that point, and that's when Momma says she started to think "Hmmmm...."  The vet lady told me I had to lose weight!  Well, it turns out, when I finally DID get weighed, I was the exact same weight as last year, and THAT vet lady told me that was perfect, so HMPH.  Momma says I do NOT need to lose a few pounds (unlike herself BOL!)

So then the vet lady goes to listen to my heart...can you believe she put her hand on my schnooter and held my mouth closed so she could hear?!?  Momma was like "Ummm.....noooooo..." Then the vet lady tried to say I have a heart murmur.  She listed all these things called symptoms, and I don't have one of them!  Not ONE!  But the vet lady tried to make Momma and Daddy spend $300 to get tests done!!!  Momma said if I was having symptoms she would pay for it, but since I still act like a puppy she doesn't really think there's anything wrong with me!!!

Momma and Daddy are NOT going to take me to see that vet lady again.  They said they felt like she was just trying to get them to spend tons of unnecessary money.  Momma and Daddy don't HAVE unnecessary money...they barely have ANY money BOL!!!

Here's a picture of me and cousin Tuna.  We like each other a lot!!!  He likes to play, and I like to sniff his butt BOL!!
Hope all my pals are doing well!!


  1. I gots dem cloudy eyes too - momma wuz all freaked out bout dem last year, but da vetman said it wuz normal and just me gettin older.

    You and Tuna sure does look cute together.

  2. Uh oh, looks like you went to see our vicious Vet. Mum won't let me go to see her again, the peeps have gotta have trust in the Mr Vet
    Butts, apart from stupid Vet comments, yous doing okay and thats paw some
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. That dum vet! Don't go to her no more Fizz!
    Bark! Have fun! Bark! Live yur life!

    We luv yu guys Fizzy!

  4. Zoe got it right, aye?? Dum vet!! My human Nan's got a heart murmer. She's had it for lots and lots of years. She's 96!!!!! I s'pose it will kill her one day but so far so good. Sounds to me like you're doin' ok Fizzy!! You're sure lookin' good!!

  5. I do not blame you one bit fur wanting to Grr that new vet. Growlmy thinks she may need to go on a vet hunt too...not so much fur me, but fur the kitties...esp Minko. His current vet seems not to listen to what the kitty mom tells seems it has to be her way or ideas...sheesh. If she starts that with me...we will leave, which is a shame, we have been using that practice for years and years, seen many new and older vets...and the one growlmy really likes seems to not do as many office calls as he used to:(

    You fat...nah...just like me, I am portly. BOL! I am now on the way to changing ovfur to a low glycemc holistic doggy food...Nutrisca I think its called.