Saturday, December 26, 2015

Meet Fern!

I'm very happy to introduce the newest member of the Hunter household, Fern! She'll be coming home on Monday! She'll never replace Fizzy. No one ever could. But we need a new baby to love, and here she is!

Fern will probably eventually have her own blog once I hear her voice.

I know some people think it's too soon.  That we should wait until we've properly grieved.  But we can't.  A house truly isn't a home without a dog, and this doesn't lessen my love for Fizzy, because God knows how much we adored him.  Fern will help heal our hearts, but Fizzy is permanently wedged in there.


  1. Squee! Fern is just too cute! Pack up the valuables, get ready for wildness!
    Fizzy made sure you wouldn't be too sad for too long and sent Fern your way.

    1. He most certainly did! I kept coming back to her picture over and over again, and when I finally called, I said "I'm calling about Fern" and he said "Good! She's the only one I have left!" Fizzy sent her, I know it.

  2. Hi Fern! You are going to be in a palace made just for doggy princesses, I just know it!
    What a cutie you are!
    Growlmy and I are so happy that your Angel Brofur sent him to your Momma and Dad:)

  3. Crikey Fern .... get a load of you!! Such a cutie. Fizzy sure knew what he was doing when he picked you aye?? I can't wait to hear about all the strife you get into. Bet you'll keep your Momma and Poppa on their toes.