Monday, June 1, 2015

Update on Daddy

So some of you pals may have noticed we haven't said much about Daddy and has job interview.  That's cause the lady was supposed to call on Wednesday and she never did.  Daddy's been calling and calling her, leaving message after message...she never called back.  Tonight Daddy got an email from her saying she had accidentally put it on her schedule for this week, and she would like to call him tomorrow for an interview.  Daddy wrote back and said to call after 3.  Keep your fingers crossed, pals.  Momma and Daddy were both a mess last week when she didn't call, so Momma's not getting her hopes up too high, but we'll see!  Keep praying!


  1. Arrrrrg! We will keep you in our prayers.

  2. Crikey ..... some peeps like to mess with minds, don't they?? How inconsiderate. Mum's been thinking about you and wondering how things went. We'll keep the prayers and thoughts going, aye??

  3. Oh, brother.
    Hope that it still will work out to your Daddy's advantage.
    Pawyering hard!

  4. Grrr! That wooman sounds like a toadal jerk.
    But, we're still pullin fur yur Daddy to get the job!