Monday, May 18, 2015

Oh Please Oh Please Oh PLEASE!

Daddy had a job interview today, pals.  It's to sell the cell phones at Verizon Wireless, and even though Daddy is a teacher now, he used to sell the cell phones a long time ago.  It would be more money for us, and plus there's the chances of bonuses and commissions and raises and promotions.  He said the interview went really well, and now he has to wait for someone from HR to call him to do a phone interview.  It could take up to a week, so of course Momma is going all crazy waiting for them to call.

Pals, PLEASE, if you can take a moment, please say a prayer for us.  Momma says Daddy having a new better paying job would make all of our lives so much better.  Then we would NEVER have to ask our pals for help ever EVER again.  Daddy is sorta sad at the thought of leaving teaching, but he says something has to change, and Momma makes more money at teaching cause she's been at her school for 84750238758 years.  Plus she likes teaching more than him anyhow.

Pray Daddy gets the job, pals.  Please.  Momma believes in the power of prayer, and she's been praying pretty much non-stop since Friday when Daddy got the call to come in for an interview.  We love you, pals, so very very much.  Thanks!


  1. Crikey Fizzy ...... I'm on it too. I've also got everything crossed. Including my eyes!! Please, please dear God let Fizzy's Dad get the job.

  2. Paws crossed for Dad!
    Let us know how he gets on
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. I r finkin' da bestest gud thots a LWD named Zaidie whu r 7 an' whu wives in Canada an' whu r all 'bout da meatz cood possibwy fink!!! I r cwossin' ebery body part a guy can cwoss! *trios* Oooops... BOL :D Gud wuck, Mistur Fizzy's Dad!

  4. *trips* , I meened!